We are increasingly seeing an urgent need for organizations to make a radical shift towards becoming more adaptable, agile, and purpose-driven to respond to the demands of today’s customers and thrive in a landscape of disruption. They can no longer be organized by deep hierarchies and silos, but must be designed as an ecosystem of empowered teams that leverage people’s natural networks and communication patterns.

To meet this pressing and growing need, we are pioneering a new framework to design adaptable organizations that enable large-scale global organizations to operate with an agile, start-up mindset.

We also recognize that organizational change like this does not happen overnight – while 95% of organizations recognize the need to become more agile and collaborative, the reality is that 80% of company reorganizations fail to realize their intended value in the time planned and only 6% of organizations are highly agile today. In order to better serve our clients and enable their transformations to succeed, we have also developed an innovative tech asset – Adaptable Organization Network Analysis (AONA) –  a toolset that accelerates and de-risks the evolution toward adaptability by providing unprecedented insight into the invisible networks that already exist in organizations. AONA mines and analyzes organizational data to identify where businesses can leverage agile, cross-functional teams to successfully transform into the adaptable organization of tomorrow.

 Presentation Topics:

  • Key drivers of disruption in how organizations need to be structured and operate
  • What adaptable organizations look like and why they are more effective than traditional structures
  • How AONA provides critical insights that lead to more successful adaptable organization transformation and business performance

Hetal Pandya, as National Consumer Organization Design Leader, Human Capital with Deloitte Canada, helps companies re-imagine their organizations. In today’s world of rapid disruption and uncertainty, Hetal helps executives set up the organizational model required to be more adaptable, flexible and nimble to help accelerate the agility many organizations now need to be able to face new market realities.

As a leader in Deloitte’s Human Capital practice, she has over 15 years of Consulting experience focusing on Operating Model, Organization Design, and driving Strategic Change. Hetal has led large complex enterprise organization transformations for global cosmetics manufacturers, global marketing organizations, global FMCG companies, national grocery retailers, global B2B manufacturers, and luxury retailers, among others.

Hetal has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Toronto and a MBA from the Ivey School of Business. She lives with her husband and 2 young kiddies in Toronto, Canada

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