ODF community – it’s time to recruit new Board members to keep our organization thriving. We have two seats to fill for the term starting in August 2016.

We’re asking for interested community members to self-nominate. We believe this will bring a broader set of people into the mix and help ensure that candidates considered have the time and energy to commit to ODF to make us all successful

If interested, please read the Board Expectations document to understand what we’re counting on for current and future board members.  If you have questions about what it is like to serve on the board, please reach out to any of the current board members.  Their names can be found on the ODF website in the ABOUT tab.

If you are interested, please send the following introductory information to the ODF Administrator, Tanya Spelts,at info@organizationdesignforum.org, not to exceed one-page:

  • Description of your involvement so far in ODF
  • Areas of interest and where you would like to contribute  (see the ODF Board Structure visual)
  • Why you?

The nomination committee will do an initial screen against the selection criteria and reach out to nominees with any questions.

The Board will discuss nominees and vote by the end of June.  You will be informed of the decision at that time.  Our deadline for applications is May 31st. 

We’re excited to hear from those of you that are interested!