We have all heard about Big Data, right? But what is the connection to Organization Design? During his upcoming presentation at the 2016 ODF Conference in Chicago, Dr. Marty Trevino will bring us a live demo of one of the most advanced Business Intelligence systems in the world, and how it utilizes big data from the unique lens of OD.

Dr. Trevino is Sr. Subject Matter Expert for Organization Strategy, Design and Business Intelligence at the National Security Agency (NSA), as well as CEO at NEXUS INTELLIGENCE. Dr. Trevino is also the winner of a Nextgov “Bold” award for 2015 – created to recognize “bold, innovative federal employees who are disrupting the status quo.” So what gets him excited and engaged? “When (C-suite executives) say they are willing to allow smart, dedicated people to push the envelope to innovate and solve problems in new and innovative ways.”

Come hear Dr. Trevino share his cutting-edge work integrating Socio-Technical Systems thinking, business intelligence, design thinking and organization design at the 2016 Organization Design Forum Conference, May 3 – 5 in Chicago.