Janet du Preez – (Employee) Engagement – June 7th @ 1:00 PM (ET)

Engagement: we really ought not to need persuasion that it matters. But, what is it, how do we measure it and most importantly how do we shift it?

In this Community Conversation Janet du Preez, engagement researcher and protagonist, will facilitate an exploration of a complex topic which seems to pepper most org design conversations. Janet will:

  • introduce the Dynamic Engagement Framework
  • discuss what can be learned from interdisciplinary perspectives
  • summarise some of the most interesting findings from her experiences and research and propose some practical ideas for shifting organisational engagement

Having laid this foundation, the wisdom of the community will then be invited to challenge, enhance, and apply the thoughts presented.

Mila Baker – Designing Collaborative Workplaces – July
Denise Easton – Complexity Space – September

Using Zoom, a virtual platform, ODF will facilitate 60-minute Community Conversations around the themes that came from posing questions at the 2016 conference:

  • What is the “Learning Edge” for you and your client/company?p2pconversations[1]
  • What emerging trends are you seeing?

Each of these conversations will be led by a different community member who will design the session offering the opportunity for any community member to participate.  Our hope is that the talks will be so engaging it will lead to a continuing dialogue beyond what we help arrange.

Sharing wisdom & experience . . .

One of the most often heard comments after one of our annual conferences is, “how amazing it is to be in a room of fellow designers, who are so willing to share their wisdom and experience!” How would you like to have access to that wisdom more than annually?


Power of Presence

Power of Presence

Held on 11/30/16

Join community member, Anna McGrath and her co-facilitator, Julianna Christie, as they lead a conversation on the topic of personal mastery . . .

"Power of Presence" Community Conversation

Consulting in Adaptive Systems

Consulting in Adaptive Systems

Held on 12/30/16

Join community member, Mary Winby, in a conversation about how, as the environment becomes more complex, the concept and process for org design and consulting is changing.  Explore ways consultants can be more adaptive to address client real-time needs.

"Consulting in Adaptive Systems" Community Conversation

Accelerating Design Processes

Accelerating Design Processes

Held on 01/05/17

Join ODF Board member, Bill Zybach, as he leads a discussion addressing the pace of change. . . The world is accelerating at a rapid pace, and our clients expect us to move beyond old linear approaches to design. What have you done to keep up with both the expectations and the pace of change?

"Accelerating Design Processes" Community Conversation

Accelerating Design (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Achieving and Sustaining Design Outcomes

Achieving and Sustaining Design Outcomes

Held on 02/08/17

Join community member, Dan Ritter and his co-facilitator, Peter Ross, in an engaging dialogue on the considerations beyond establishment of an initial organization design to achieve and sustain desired results. Organization design work is not complete once an effective and efficient design has been established. Explore ways to be thoughtful about transitions, establish and track measures of success, and monitor future design needs.

"Achieving & Sustaining Design Outcomes" Community Conversation

Socio-Technical Systems for Dynamic Organization Design

Socio-Technical Systems for Dynamic Organization Design

Held on 03/29/17

Join us as Dr. Marty Trevino, Technical Director of Mission Analytics for the U.S. Dept. of Defense, discusses how the fusion of business intelligence, decision science, and organization design & development is changing everything, and what an OD practitioner path to relevance in the new world may be.

"STS for Dynamic OD" Community Conversation

Socio-Technical Systems for Dynamic Organization Design (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)