The organizational culture at IBM Blockchain strives to deliver exceptional experiences by focusing on user outcomes via the use of Enterprise Design Thinking throughout the design, development, and execution of solutions.  Traditionally this is a product focused approach that originated with small, nimble design consultancies like IDEO.  When applied to large, complex enterprise situations there are different needs, challenges, and approaches to deliver successful outcomes. Enterprise Design Thinking was designed to allow teams to operate in this customer-centric, outcome-focused, iterative way at scale, with speed and minimal risk. IBM started this journey in the design organization and it has expanded to every facet of the company, from HR to consulting, the office of the CIO to every product team and is an ongoing iterative effort.

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn about the adoption of design thinking at IBM
  • Understand the Enterprise Design Thinking framework
  • Learn about the various enablement strategies IBM has used to spread the cultural change
  • Generate insights and takeaways to apply to their own transformation

RAY DELAPENA is a Design Lead and consultant with over 20 years of experience as a designer, researcher, and strategist who has worked in almost every industry and for clients from single-person startups to much of the Fortune 100. He has personally delivered hundreds of workshops, spoken internationally at multiple conferences, and employs the techniques he speaks about continuously.