Entirely virtual teams or some level of remote work for collocated teams is the new normal. Increased productivity, higher engagement, and wider options for sourcing talent are the benefits; the costs are the need for more intentional connection. In this session, virtual team expert, Yael Zofi, will explore four critical pillars of high performing Virtual Teams: (1) Creating Context Communication, (2) Establishing Trust and Accountability, (3) Conducting Virtual Mediation and (4) Getting Deliverables Out the Door, with a special focus on Cross Cultural Communications and Leadership’s role in serving the changing needs of our growing virtual workforce. You will learn options to address common challenges including keeping team members engaged, bringing ‘lost riders’ into the fold and discouraging multitasking, plus practical takeaways for effective written, voice, and virtual in-person connections. Yael is the author of A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams.

Known as the ‘Virtual Team’s Guru’ and regarded as a thought leader on the subject of virtual management strategies and remote team dynamics, Yael Zofi is an author, facilitator, coach, consultant, professor, trainer, and CEO of AIM Strategies®, Applied Innovative Management®, a human capital consulting firm focused on developing global leaders and virtual teams across time zones. Driven to make virtual teams more effective, Zofi works with global leaders and dispersed teams on transformational initiatives that improve their bottom line and enable stronger human connection in the workplace. Her clients include AT&T, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase, CIGNA, General Electric, Nokia, Pfizer, Philips and Viacom, to name a few. Yael has been featured in Forbes, CIO Digest, CNBC, Business Week, Watch IT TV, Harvard Business Review, Mindtools, Business of Life Radio, People & Strategy, Halogen Talent Management, All Business, eZines, Entrepreneur and, among others. She is also a popular keynote speaker, global human connector, author of five business management books, avid world traveler, and cross-cultural learner. For more information and the latest updates about Yael’s media list, client list. and upcoming events see

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