• Richard Sheridan CEO, Menlo Innovations

    Build a Workplace People Love
    – Just add Joy

    Create an intentional team culture focused on the business value of joy and unleash the human energy and the results you always knew were possible.

  • VF & KatesKesler Dan Dombey, VF Corp & Managing Partners, Kates Kesler Organization Design Consulting

    Activating a Global Brand Model

    Greg & Amy will be joined by Dan Dombey, head of OE&D at VF Corp, to share how VF is redesigning to gain the benefit of global brands while also being fast in local markets. He’ll show how VF is building new functional expertise to support an agile, integrated organization, including new digital capabilities.


    Organization Agility:
    Where Design = Change

    Let’s explore what Agility is (and what it isn’t) and describe how next practice organizations are combining organization design and organization development principles to create sustainably effective systems.

  • Christopher White Managing Director, Center for Positive Organizations

    Creating Positive Change
    Without Authority

    Explore how to navigate organizations to get things done using a framework for advancing the initiatives that are important to you, your company, and the world.


Every year we invite the ODF community members to submit proposals on case studies, advanced theory and new methodologies that impact the practice of organization design.

We are looking for dynamic thinkers who will engage our conference participants in thought-provoking, diverse conversation and experiential concurrent workshop sessions that challenge our assumptions, stretch our thinking, and expand our skills. ODF is committed to providing a conference experience that inspires, connects, enables, and supports the exciting work of organization design.


We are confirming our final selections – details to be posted soon!


MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018

The Organization Design Forum devotes the day before the conference to workshops that build knowledge, skills and competence for our different types of practitioners.  It is our goal to help elevate and deepen the practice of organization design by offering learning opportunities that enable or support the field.

This year we are offering two full-day sessions:



9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Tom Jasinski, President and Founder of Third Gate Partners, Inc.
Stuart Wigham, Content Manager and Consultant, On-The-Mark
(Pre-Conference) Workshop Fee $195

What is organization design? How does one think about it? How does one do it? If you are new to the field, or find yourself simply wanting to learn more about its foundation, these may be your questions. This engaging, fast-paced program will build your awareness, understanding, knowledge, and ability to move forward as a learning and emerging practitioner of organization design.

CX pre-con graphic


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Jeff Tritt, Talent and Culture Leader, IBM iX
Brian Donovan, IBM iX, Executive Director, Experience Strategy
(Pre-Conference) Workshop Fee $495

This collaborative workshop is intended to share the principles of Customer Experience (CX) strategy and to practice the methods and tools of the discipline in the context of organization design.  Together, we will apply methods and tools from Design Thinking such as Empathy Mapping, Experience Mapping, Appreciative Inquiry, and Prototyping to the organization design process. We will also share insights from research conducted by IBMiX.


The conference format allows for maximum learning and connection.  We include a mix of cutting edge plenary speakers and sessions led by peers that will explore such topics as: the changing nature of work, the impact on work space, the ways that design intersects with Big Data, and the evolution of our capabilities as organization design practitioners. We also include time to connect with other participants in ways that boost your knowledge and networks.

And, back by popular demand on the second day of the conference, the “Organization Design Bazaar”.

The Bazaar is an energetic open forum where conference attendees exchange organization design ideas, practices, challenges and information related to our conference theme: DESIGNING FOR AGILITY & INNOVATION

Our intention is:

  • To invite participants to contribute to a community-wide dialogue
  • To support each other’s learning and development
  • To engage and constructively challenge each other
  • To stimulate ideas and innovation in our practices

Click here for an overview of the Organization Design Bazaar

What we heard after our 2017 conference . . .

“ODF conferences present information relative to the practice of organization design and organization development from the basics, including theory, to cutting edge ideas and practices. It’s an excellent return on investment for practitioners and academics.”

“This was, unquestionably, the finest professional conference of its kind I have ever attended.”

“From the “I appreciate” board:
– All the great (& real stories) from people wrestling with fascinating org challenges!
– Meeting so many people in the community, hearing about real/interesting examples, & challenging my assumptions
– The opennes and warmth of my fellow attendees. I felt so welcomed!!
– The ability to network with people a lot smarter than me!””This was, unquestionably, the finest professional conference of its kind I have ever attended.”

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