7-Step Designing for Agility


Pre-Conference Workshop

Designing for Agility™: A 7-Step Model

Monday, April 28, 2014

Regardless of your industry and strategy, our organizations need agility in order to shift and advance in global markets. What does your organization need to be more agile and how can you embed agility in your design work? This workshop takes a “whole system” approach, positioning you with a sound strategic foundation for designing the right structures, work processes, and human capital systems for an effective culture and enduring results.


Craig McGee and Kathy Molloy will be offering a condensed 1-day version of their “Designing for Agility” workshop.

If you would like some background information on course content, here is a white paper, Getting Results Thru Organization Design, by the facilitators. The workshop offers guidance on the 7-Step Model approach and how to determine which design is right for your company, and how to avoid the common problem of outmoded organization designs. Case examples from several companies are provided.

$495 Registration fee (students $250)



Click here for a brochure on the full 3-Day Designing for Agility Workshop, which is offered when we learn of sufficient interest of our community members or can be designed specifically for your organization.

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