DE&I in Organizations – The Challenges of Designing Actionable Change

Held on 03/01/22

If you’d like to continue the conversation with Peter and the rest of the team, you can reach out to them at

You’ll hear from Peter Lawrence of Ai Change Management, with the help of Abi and Jodie, outstanding interns from the University of Liverpool, about what they learned in a project with the City of Liverpool and how they are testing and applying what they discovered with several organisations.

We are delighted to invite you to a community conversation where you can share your ideas and experiences about this topic from an organisation design perspective. We’ll be exploring these challenges:

  • How can organisations move from understanding that there is a problem, to making real change?
  • How to accomplish deep structural inclusion?
  • How are different perspectives incorporated at the very highest levels of influence?

The final 2 questions are inspired by Jessica Nordell’s “The End of Bias”.

As preparation for this event, review Abi and Jodie’s detailed report here. For a deeper dive, join Peter, Abi and Jodie in reading “The End of Bias” by Jessica Nordell, see the questions raised in Chapter 8.


DE&I – Challenges of Designing Actionable Change (.txt from chat)


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