Digital Socio-technical Design

Stu Winby, CEO of Spring Network

Organization design theory and practice has commonly argued for two approaches, strategic organization design, a top-down design process that begins with strategy and a bottom-up design process referred to as socio-technical systems that focus on the technology doing the work and the social system created to perform that work. As the environment becomes more complex and uncertain organization design has evolved through various stages and now entering a fifth stage where strategic and socio-technical system design are integrated. This new organization design paradigm calls for flexible, learning organizations, that continuously change and solve problems through interconnected coordinated self-organizing processes. This session will explore key features, design principles and methodologies we are referring to as digital socio-technical design.



Stu Winby is CEO of Spring Network, an organization strategy and innovation design firm headquartered in Palo Alto in the Silicon Valley. He is an internationally recognized expert in organization design and innovation management, helps domestic and global corporations create capability for competing in today’s turbulent digital environment.

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