ODF is focused on being the connectors to encourage knowledge exchanges that support the theory and practice of organization design. Over ODF’s 25+ years, conferences, webinars, e-learning courses, and workshops (in-house customized and public) have connected members to the field of organization design.

Educ Cmtee – Speaking Together
Engagement Opportunities
"Practitioner Landscape"

Our intent is to:

  1. Be in service to the 4 quadrants of ODF’s Guiding Principle . . . the ‘Maypole’ in service to supporting member and organizational capacity building in relation to each of the four quadrants, which in itself contributes to a community of practitioners “practicing”
  2. Thread themes and services between conferences with the potential to enhance learning throughout the year by becoming part of the conference content in highly meaningful and relevant ways for members
  3. Offer engagement opportunities for the spectrum of ODF community members, provide ways to give and to receive support from each other as professional resources for on-going learning and development

We offer multiple opportunities for practitioner support and development throughout the year:

Peer to Peer Consulting

ODF will facilitate the opportunity for community members to present a challenge using the ACE-it! process and receive input from p2pconsulting[1]fellow designers.  Using Zoom, a virtual platform, allows for connections beyond the participative group – there is no limit to the number of observers to the session.  And, we’ll record each session and make it available for future viewing.

Community Conversations

(Virtual) Discussions focus on themes out of the annual conference.p2pconversations[1]Each conversation is led by a different community member who will design the session.  Our hope is the talks will be so engaging they lead to a continuing dialogue beyond what we help arrange.

Global Conversations on what’s trending in design…

based on content in the monthly newsletter distributed by our colleagues in the European ODF. The newsletter is a “gold mine”, so what can we do with it, how do we leverage it?

Conversations (generally) take place on the last Wednesday of each month @ 12:30 PM (ET)/6:30 PM (CET).

In 2016, ODF is initiating new virtual and participative (participant centered) approaches to learning and collaboration, by focusing on actual experiences and “real time” organization design issues and topics (see below).  ODF will continue to support practitioner development opportunities around three core areas:

  • Applications – focused on how to apply principles and concepts of organization design, including organization design processes, case examples, tools, techniques, practices and methodologies,
  • Engagement –  focused on ways to involve and engage people (e.g., clients, colleagues) in any stage of organization design, including, for example, large group meeting design approaches and ideation
  • Principles – focused on organization design theory, concepts, principles, history and/or  thought leadership that helps to define the depth and scope of the field

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