Network Event: Digital Socio-technical Design Lab

Networked, Scaled, and Agile: Can a Company Really Be All Three?
August 26th | 11 AM – Noon (EDT)

Join an ODF Community Conversation

Amy Kates and her colleagues will highlight key concepts from the new book, Networked, Scaled, and Agile.

We’ll discuss the challenge of “can a company really be all three?”

Amy will share the insights that CEOs are responding to most in today’s environment. In addition, join us to hear what the KatesKesler team’s firsthand experience as they integrate their boutique advisory practice into a 500k employee firm with their acquisition by Accenture.

We are pleased to share an opportunity to join a workshop
co-facilitated by one of ODF’s Advisory Board members
along with two of the brightest minds doing this type of work . . . 
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Organization design theory, models, frameworks, and methods are shifting from traditional hierarchies to networks of technology-enabled platforms, flexible team based operating models, new executive team and leadership capabilities, and high-performance work designs.

As our world is changing, many of our current notions about organization design are no longer adaptive or competitive. Rather than focusing on an organization chart or fixed work processes, we need to anticipate that technology will continue to disrupt our world requiring leaders to adapt more quickly. Modular platform socio-technical organization designs that fail fast, learn fast, reconfigure, and scale quickly are emerging as the new building blocks of future-focused organizations. This is a major shift in how people work, executives lead, and in the methods and tools used by organization designers.

Here are some of the topics that you will learn during the Design Lab Session:

  • Understanding the relationship between digital technology and organization design
  • Digital Organization Design – Methodology (methods, tools, and templates)
  • The new emerging role of the organization design practitioner
  • Three Levels of Design: Strategic, Platform/Ecosystem, and Operations
  • Networks, Agile Teams, and Adaptive Work System
  • Design for innovation / start-ups
  • Team Design and augmentation – Work Design
  • Practitioner on-going learning

Event Information

  2600 San Dunes Drive, Monterey, 93940, California, United States
}  September 28, 2021 to October 01, 2021
  Tuesday, 08:00 am to 01:00 pm
n  Partner Event
  [email protected]

Event Organizer

   Stu Winby & Bill Passmore
  [email protected]

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