Org Analytics 2.0: How the Next Generation of Org Designers Will Use Analytics

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May 04, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Org Analytics 2.0:  How the Next Generation of Organization Designers Will Use Analytics
May 4 | Noon – 1:00 PM (ET)

One intention of this session is to invite students who are interested to learn more about org design. We would love our ODF community to support and benefit from students who are, after all, the organization designers of the future. You can help by forwarding an invitation to students, interns, and aspiring org designers in your network.



If you are intrigued by organizational analytics and looking for ways to use it in your real life organization design challenges, we’ve prepared a session to help. We’ve invited Julien Clement, Assistant Professor at Stanford University and co-author of The Organizational Analytics e-book, to share what he has learned from researching and teaching on this topic.

Organizational analytics seems to offer us new insights and methods to support organization design projects, but how to make it a part of your practice? Where to start? What data to use and how to make sense of it?  This session offers:

  • An expert presentation from Julien Clement that will highlight how analytics can be applied in a case example.
  • Ideas for applying analytics in organization design today.
  • The chance to exchange with “next-gen org designers” and a peer group of experienced practitioners about the future use of organization analytics.

The e-book is available here – it’s free and relatively short at 60 pages! If you want to be prepared in advance of the session, Julien suggests you read chapter 6.

Using an AI-powered digital engagement platform
to enhance our leaning and connection

To optimize engagement and learning we will be partnering with HowSpace, a social event platform and AI-powered digital facilitation tool that thrives on high levels of involvement and collaboration.  We aspire to provide our attendees with both asynchronous and synchronous knowledge-sharing opportunities in a fun and memorable way.


Julien Clement studies organization design and its impact on collaboration within and across organizations. He is generally interested in understanding the link between formal organizational structure and informal social relationships: how does an organization’s structure affect how its members form relationships and develop routines? How can it help them adapt these routines when environmental demands change? And when can organizations thrive without any formal structure?

At Stanford, Julien teaches how to deploy analytics to find better solutions for a broad range of organization design issues, ranging from employee selection and retention to organizational structure and culture. He recently published the Organizational Analytics E-Book, co-authored with Phanish Puranam.

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