FRITZ STEELE, PhD – From “Factory” to “Studio”: Integrated Socio-Physical Design For The High-Performance Workplace

Physical and social designs are inherently connected in determining whether an organization can meet the challenges of its environment, especially with respect to quick adaptations. The total workplace is key to shaping work patterns, and the likely impact of both design areas needs to be reinforced with the leaders making choices which shape their patterns of activity.

Participants will:

  • understand the key factors in creating a flexible workplace for organizational agility and adaptability
  • expand awareness of often-overlooked factors in creating a complete workplace, and to share some best practices in how to get there by recognizing the impact of often-hidden factors in workplace design and effective use
  • recognize the key physical features in a high-adaptability workspace
  • learn how to challenge outdated and often unconscious assumptions which block new choices & designs


Fritz Steele, PhD, is a consultant, author and former academic working primarily in the areas of organizational change, organizational culture and organizational ecology (workplace strategy and development).

Fritz’s Bio

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