ED MAGEE & RICK HARDIN – A Sr. Business Leaders’ View of Org Designers as Partners in Creating Sustained Organizational & Cultural Change

By sharing a series of short scenario challenges from Ed’s experience as a leader of major design/change work in the Marines, Harley-Davidson, and Thomas Betts, they intend to:

  • Develop awareness of practical – practitioner focused — real world organization design
  • Extend & build-on  practical approaches from business leaders P.O.V. on critical challenges for significant organization design efforts
    • Measuring “Real” (as opposed to superficial) leadership alignment and how to build and sustain  it
      • Getting the leadership team “on-board” – so they are positioned to LEAD the change
    • How the design process can support and how it depends on HARD decisions (around people, process, and managing through complex organization changes )
    • Attending to culture change as an integral part of the design process
    • Implementing a “Leader as Teacher” model — the vital role of leadership development in the organization design process
  • Understand how business leaders measure value added from potential consulting partners in organization design


Ed Magee is VP, Operations/Local Business Unit Manager for Thomas & Betts.  Prior to T&B, served as the GM of Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s York Vehicle Operations where he led the $100+ million physical and cultural transformation of Harley’s largest production factory.  The four year transformation culminated in the factory being named an Industry Week Best Plant 2013.

Ed’s Bio


Rick Hardin joined the Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness community of AlixPartners as a Director in 2015.  Rick’s career has been as a strategic organizational advisor to senior executives, boards, and senior teams to achieve significant and lasting performance improvements.

Rick’s Bio

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