MARK LaSCOLA – Organization Design Governance (ODG): Embedding A Design and Operating Model Into Business-As-Usual And Ensuring “Fit For Purpose” Over Time…

Organization Design as a solution is maturing in the market place. Isn’t it time we moved away from organization design as an occasional large-scale change intervention to one of business-as-usual. Likewise, expectations of employees, particularly their idea of space and work is changing as fast as our hand-held devices.  Together, it’s time to not only embed organization design as a regular, on-going practice but learning to do so in a way that has rigor and discipline…  This is where “governance” comes in.


Participants will:

  • gain a deeper appreciation for the need for Organization Design Governance (ODG)
  • definition of ODG both theoretical and practical
  • work through rapid issue identification and solution development based on 1-3 case examples
  • learn 3-5 pragmatic tactics that lead to embedding ODG including a “fit for purpose” day


Mark LaScola founded ON THE MARK with offices located on both sides of the Atlantic, OTM has delivered close to 400 collaborative redesigns and major transformations. Mark has been intimately involved in delivering over 300 redesigns himself, trained and developed approximately 5,000 executives, managers and internal change agents – across a broad and diverse range of industries on 6 continents and over 30 countries.

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