MICHELE DiMARTINO – Transformation with Speed: How to Accelerate to the Future State

At Kates Kesler, we coach our clients to take a well-thought-out approach to organization design work and believe that time spent up front involving people in shaping the future organization accelerates implementation – particularly when large-scale organization transformation is the objective. However, once the new framework is set and the leader announces the change, then speed is critical. The “gray period” is the time of ambiguity between the announcement that the organization will change through when the new organization is up and running. Everything should be done to minimize this gray period. Drawn out transitions can reduce executive credibility, staff morale, productivity…and business results.

Yes, the senior business executive leading the organization transformation must have a clear and compelling vision for the future state organization.  But he/she plays an essential role in setting the organization up to move swiftly and navigating it through the challenges along the path to the future state activation.  Equally so, the organization design thought leader plays an important role in coaching the business executive through the planned and unplanned milestone decisions that arise throughout an organization redesign effort.

In this session you will learn about:

  • The eight accelerators of organizational change, and
  • How you, as an organization design thought leader/consultant, can recognize potential speed de-railers (“red flags”) and effectively support senior business executives in leading successful organization transformation efforts

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion and apply the concepts in small groups.


Michele Di Martino is a Sr. Consultant with Kates Kesler Organization Consulting. She is a seasoned organization designer and leadership advisor with 20 years of experience working within organizations and as an external consultant.

Michele’s Bio

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