ODF + EODF November Global OD Trends Conversation

Held on 11/30/22

ODF & EODF Global OD Trends (Nov2022) (.txt file from Chatbox dialog)

This month’s newsletter topics include:

  • What Does Your Company Really Stand For? by Paul Ingram and Yoonjin Choi, Harvard Business Review
  • Read All About It! Why Communicating Your Ideas is the Fastest Way to Engagementby Garin Rouch, HRZone
  • Why Goal Cascades are Harmful (and What to Do Instead) by John Cutler, The Beautiful Mess
  • (podcast) Mette Aagaard on How a Public Sector Organisation with 8,000 Employees is Exploring Autonomous Teams by Lisa Gill, Leadermorphosis
  • Democratizing Work: Re-distributed Power in Organizations for a Democratic and Sustainable Future by Julie Battilana et al., Organization Theory
  • Bonus content: Fixing Work That Sucks: Semco’s Step-by-step Transformation by Pim de Morree, Corporate Rebels

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