ODF + EODF September Global OD Trends Conversation

Held on 09/28/22

ODF & EODF Global OD Trends (Sep 2022) (.txt file from Chatbox dialog)

This month’s newsletter topics include:

  • Five Ways to Harness the Power of Purpose by Sally Blount and Paul Leinwand, Strategy+Business
  • Can Design Thinking Succeed in Your Organization? by David Dunne et al., MIT Sloan Management Review (become a site member for free to get 5 articles per month)
  • Does Hybrid Work Actually Work? Insights from 30,000 Emails by Ben Rand, Harvard Business School
  • From Reactive to Proactive: How CIOs Can Drive Enterprise Redesign by Amy Kates and Greg Kesler, InformationWeek
  • Can Formal Contracts Improve Collaboration? by Nicolay Worren
  • Bonus: The Critical Role of Participative Inquiry in Organization Design by Andrew Chandler

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