Org Design Meets Business Agility

Held on 07/14/21

Biz Agility panelists include:

  • Diana Larsen, Chief Connector at the Agile Fluency® Project & past ODF Board Member
  • Peter Lam, Transformation Lead for Telstra
  • Frank Eiselt, Enterprise Agile Architect & Catalyst for LIVEsciences AG & TEAL Around the World

Org Design panelists include:

  • Nuala Campany, Talent Management and Organization Development Executive & past ODF Board Member
  • Stu Winby, Founder & CEO at SPRING Network & ODF Advisory Board Member
  • Jonathan Hornyak, Sr. Manager Org Design at  KatesKesler Organization Consulting

Has your work in Org Design been impacted by the recent trends toward Agile?

We’ve invited thought leaders from Business Agility community to join us to collaborate.  We’ll get the “lay of the land” on what Agility really means, and what it doesn’t.

And guess what?  They are eager to know more about Org Design, so we’ll get to share back.

  • A brief look into the past, present, and future for each field of practice
  • Panelists – “what I didn’t know …”
  • Audience Q&A or Mythbusters
  • Agile/Org Design journey together
  • Feedback from community on what they need in this space
  • How do we leverage the positives?

The session has been co-designed by Evan Leybourn, Co-Founder and CEO from Business Agility Institute with ODF Board Members, Jardena London & Jodie Goulden

Listen to the Audio Only File (.m4a)