KIM CLARK PAKSTYS – Re-Organizing for the Complex and Creative Digital Economy

Today’s evolving landscape and constant disruptions call for organizations to rethink their stakeholders and examine their requirements.  Shorter product lifecycles and attention spans drive an increased pace and enhanced cadence.  New entrants to the market, big data, technological advances, outsourcing and the gig economy are changing how we live and conduct business.  These shifts disrupt traditional ecosystems, supply chains and talent pipelines and challenge the role of organizational boundaries. During this session, in interactive discussions and in small groups, we will explore the impact of emerging business trends on organization design.


Participants will:

  • engage in possibility and design thinking to create networks and design structures that produce sustainable economic engines and cultivate workplaces of the future.
  • explore new designs and structures to create effective, successful, and inspiring places to work
  • gain insights into new tools and frameworks for organizing work


Kim Clark Pakstys – Founder and Managing Partner of Strategic Organization Solutions:  She is an experienced strategist, change agent and c-suite advisor with 20 years of executive experience working within organizations and as an external consultant.

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