BRUCE MABEE – Faster, Simpler & Balanced: Focus Your Leadership Operating System

How do you keep solutions both agile and aligned in your shifting ecosystem? How do you engage the leaders and extended stakeholder networks to keep balance? And does your own invisible Operating System help? Let’s find out!

We’ll review a real case and ask each other, “What would you do?” This pharmaceutical is buffeted by massive global change: how can we build innovations that quickly integrate across business units?

We’ll sketch an emerging Leadership Operating System. What will emerge? Star or 7-S? Action Learning? XLR8? Do you use another framework? Strategic Action will be highlighted as an OS that integrates simple OD tools you know. We’ll help each other articulate “My own Operating System”—simply—to apply at work tomorrow.

You’ll leave ready to:

  1. simplify and focus your own framework.
  2. link the “Operating Systems” on which other designers and leaders depend under pressure.
  3. apply three simple OD tools that keep balance at today’s pace of change.


Bruce Mabee has been a designer and consultant for over 40 years. 130 client organizations include Fortune 100, creative non-profits, and diverse government agencies.

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