ALI RANDEL & SAM SPURLIN – The OS Canvas: A New Tool for Understanding Organizational Ecosystems

Organizational ecosystems and their operating systems are complex and can be hard to influence. The Ready has developed a framework to help OD practitioners and business leaders alike better understand, articulate, and therefore more deliberately change the dynamics and principles that drive business outcomes. In this session you’ll:


  • Get a brief introduction to the OS Canvas framework
  • Participate in an exercise to uncover the design principles that promote the best work of your life
  • Practice using the Canvas as a tool for analysis and design


Sam Spurlin – The Ready:  His work focuses on helping organizations through transformation and coaching senior leaders on the skills, mindsets, and behaviors 21st century organizations require.

Ali Randel – The Ready:  Her work focuses on helping clients in the areas of org design, culture transformation, and behavior change.

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