CARLOS VALDES-DAPENA – Leading and Working Within a Network of Teams

A complex, highly-networked, global organization of 80,000 employees had to find ways to make the most of the collaboration that is an inevitable consequence of its business model and global segment structure. The typical Mars manager/leader is a member of, on average, six different teams. Managing one’s self and the resources one controls in the midst of such complexity can be daunting. I will share how Mars, Incorporated has employed its internally developed framework for team effectiveness to enable work teams to make the most of the cross-organizational, cross-functional and cross-national work they are accountable for.

Carlos Valdes-Dapena – Mars, Incorporated:  An organization development professional with a focus on unlocking organizational performance through leadership and collaboration. Since 2000, he has worked for Mars, Incorporated, a global consumer packaged goods company with over 77,000 employees and known for such brands as M&M’s, Wrigley’s Gum, Uncle Ben’s and Greenies pet treats. Carlos has worked on a variety of global OD projects for Mars. Most notably, he led the research and development of the Mars Framework for High Performance Collaboration (HPC) which has been adopted for use by Mars, globally. HPC was awarded Mars’s global “Make the Difference” award for innovation in 2013 and won accolades when presented at the 2014 OD Network conference in Philadelphia.

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