Too Little, Too Late: Why Many Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Fall Short

Held on 02/10/21

Tom Falkowski, Managing Director at Kates Kesler/Accenture, shared the thought process after his blog post, Too Little, Too Late: Why many Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Fall Short, exploring how The Star Model provides a holistic view to look at the diversity opportunity and it starts with strategy.

Diversity in companies is an organization design issue and it needs to be addressed as such. The research is clear; diverse organizations and teams make better decisions and outperform those that are less diverse. Yet, why are Diversity and Inclusion programs and initiatives so ubiquitous?

  • While many organizations are making strides in the right direction, too many fall short of their goals and aspirations.
  • Perhaps the biggest obstacle is that too many people still think about the lack of diversity as a problem to be solved versus an opportunity to be seized.

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