ODF 2021 Annual Conference

In the past we have asked submissions be in the form of a standard template. This year you have carte blanche on your proposal, so get creative! We are happy to see presentations, videos, documents. Whatever you like, just make it creative!

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Call for Knowledge-Sharing
Presentation Proposals

We are looking for dynamic, outside the box thinkers who will engage our conference participants in diverse conversation and experiential learning

Inspire us with your creative session design!
This year we are looking for sessions that will actively engage attendees in a virtual setting. To optimize engagement and learning we will be partnering with HowSpace, a social event platform and AI-powered digital facilitation tool that thrives on high levels of involvement and collaboration. We aspire to provide our attendees with both asynchronous and synchronous knowledge-sharing opportunities and a fun and memorable way.

Upcoming Community Connections

There are currently no scheduled events

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  • 2020 Conference
    June 18 - 24
    Take part in our "Experiment in Disruption" - we're going virtual

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