Accredited Training

Interested in formal training in Organization Design?

Here is a guide to the best programs on the market, in two categories:


Endorsed by ODF having met a set of minimum requirements jointly developed by academics and practitioners. Click here for more info.


Have not gone through the accreditation process but recognized within the design community as substantive and valuable to practitioners.

Overview of upcoming offerings

Organizational Design Community, our partners in the process, maintain a list of upcoming Accredited programs.

EODF's Organization Design Master Classes

Have you ever wondered how successful organisations align their operating model with their strategy? Do you want to learn about the different aspects of Organisation Design and how to make it real?

Enroll now in one of our Masterclass programmes and get your Certificate of Completion for this! This programme is accredited by the Organisational Design Community (ODC) and counts towards your CODP certification. See below for benefits and details

KatesKesler's Organization Design: An Essential HR Capability

Specifically created for the HR community, this 2-day workshop provides a foundation in conceptual frameworks (the Star Model), analytical tools, and consulting skills in a highly practical and application-based two-day program.

Disclosure: Accenture/KatesKesler is an ODF Sponsor

Caliber Academy’s Organization Design Programs

The Caliber Academy’s Organization Design Programs are the only accredited and certified programs in the Middle East and Africa.  Public programs and in-house bespoke programs are delivered throughout the year.

Org-ology's Organization Design Course

This 3-day program consists of three parts:

  • Setting the Context – “Nature of Organizational Design Work”
  • Setting the Stage – “Design Concepts & Principals”
  • The Process – “End-to-End Organizational Design Approach”

Solutions Consulting's Designing for Agility: A 7-Step Approach™

This 3-day workshop helps you start with a sound strategic foundation and design the right structures, work processes, and human capital systems that support the agility needed for enduring results.

Zeal's Organization Design Course:

Our course on Organizational Design can be delivered as a two-day on site course or as a four week e-learning course. The course integrates application with state-of-the-art theory where you will be taught state of the art organizational design theory and how to apply professional organization design implementation methods and tools to your own case.

The course is accredited by the Organizational Design Community.

The course is taught by the renowned author of several books on organization design Professor Børge Obel. The bases for the course is the fourth edition of Organizational Design: A-step-by-step Approach, Cambridge University Press, July 2020

Center for Effective Organizations (2 programs)

Strategic Organization Design
Provides core principles, frameworks, models, and tools. Using the Star Model™, building blocks of design and strategy are addressed.

Advanced Topics in Org Design
Practicum-based course in which participants receive coaching while working through a real design challenge. (Only open to individuals who have already attended the Strategic OD Workshop)

Interested in getting your organization design training accredited?

What does is mean to be an Accredited Organization Design Course?

To receive accreditation, a design course or workshop must meet a set of requirements, jointly developed by academics and practitioners of from the three sponsoring organizations: Organization Design Forum, European Organization Design Forum, and the Organization Design Community.

Twenty-two minimum core requirements are contained within three categories:


Design Concepts and Principles


Design Types


Redesign and Change

Additionally, the course or workshop is evaluated on other factors such as the length of the program, course pre-work and materials, and the experience of the instructors.

A full list of accredited courses can also be found on the website of the Organizational Design Community who lead the administration of the program.