Volunteer for Community Engagement & Learning support, Conference Planning, or our Online presence

Support fellow Community Engagement & Learning Opportunities

The Community Engagement and Learning Team focuses on the body of knowledge that supports organization design work and practice. We offer webinars, e-learning courses, workshops (in-house customized and public), and other knowledge exchange resources that connect you to three dimensions of ODF organization design:

  • Application:  How to apply principles and concepts of organization design, including design processes, case studies, tools, techniques, practices, methodologies and pilots/experiments
  • Engagement:  Ways to involve customers, employees, and stakeholder in stages of organization design, large group conferences, ideation and design methods
  • Principles:  Organization design theory, concepts, principles, history and/or thought leadership that helps to define the depth and scope of the field

Conference Planning Committee Opportunities

The conference planning committee is responsible for determining the overall design of ODF’s annual conference. This includes selecting a location, securing exciting thought leaders, selecting concurrent presentation proposals, actively advertising the conference, mapping out the daily schedule for the event, and more. Time commitments vary, but typically range from an hour to two hours every other week from the summer before the conference through the conference itself each Spring.

Website and Virtual ODF Community Projects

The ODF Web team focuses on special projects related to our Web presence, including LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as ongoing web maintenance associated with blogging and content. We have a WordPress platform and have training material for those who would like to assist in our virtual community.

Get in touch if you would like to volunteer!