Data-Driven Organization Design with ReConfig

Held on 09/29/21

Organization design decisions are often made on the basis of scant data. As a result, the actual model that is selected and implemented does not always support the original intent. For example, it may lead to increased rather than decreased internal complexity.

This session looks at the challenges with traditional design practices and how to overcome them with a data-driven approach. The key element is the emergence of new analytical tools that will ease data collection as well as analysis of the data that are collected.

Reconfig is one such tool, and helps you document your current organization and align the formal structure with the work processes. Prof. Nicolay Worren, co-founder of Reconfig, will explain the underlying principles of the tool and demonstrate how it can be used for diagnosis and design.

The session will also address how internal and external consultants can gain acceptance among decision makers for data-driven organizational design method and integrate the use of data analytics in the various phases of the design process.

We used the collaborative platform, Howspace, for this conversation.  If you care to see the presenter deck and follow the various chats, you can sign up for access to our shared workspace