Organizing with Purpose Conference Session:

Moving from Strategy as Stated to Strategy as Practiced

Reed Deshler & Todd Christian

Keynote Presentation 


Reed Deshler (Left)

As a renown leader in strategic organization design, Reed works with executive teams and human resource teams to define winning strategies, align their organizations and business models for success, and mobilize employees & stakeholders in the desired direction. He has guided Fortune 500 companies, middle market companies and nonprofits through successful transformation and supported them in solving complex organizational challenges.

Reed is co-author of the book, Mastering the Cube: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks and Building an Organization that Works – a guidebook that Clayton M. Christensen of Harvard Business School calls, “A great step-by-step manual on defining and changing the design of your company.” Reed regularly presents at industry conferences and is a Certified Organization Design Professional (CODP).

Education: Master’s Degree, Organizational Behavior – Brigham Young University

Todd Christian (Right)

With more than 25 years of experience leading programs and projects through organization design and development in the healthcare, insurance, and retail sectors, Todd is an expert at overseeing mergers and acquisition integration. Todd has led numerous teams through the process of organization transformation and re-alignment. He has held senior leadership positions in the areas of Merger and Acquisition Integration, Business Development Planning and Integration, Digital Product Management and Organizational Effectiveness and Diagnostics.

Todd’s analytical approach and no-nonsense style has proven effective in helping executives make tough political decisions and align their organizations for success. He began his career as a paramedic and area general manager of a national emergency medical services company, and has served as an infantry Sergeant in the US Marine Corps. Todd is a Certified Organization Design Professional (CODP).

Education: BA, Business – University of Phoenix and a MBA – Arizona State University

Successful organization redesign efforts connect marketplace promises to design choices. Explore ways organizations and leaders are working to align their organization choices and decision making with their marketplace intentions.


Successful organization redesign efforts connect marketplace promises to design choices. Customer-centric organizations explicitly strive to create experiences that meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, but all organizations need to ensure that their operating model and organization design enable marketplace differentiation. This workshop will:

  • Demonstrate how strategic intent translates into design choices and operating model decisions
  • Discuss ways organizations are building feedback mechanisms into their operating model to make real-time marketplace adjustments
  • Highlight the linkage between organization strategy and employee engagement and intentional culture development efforts

Participants will engage in two application exercises.