Organizing with Purpose Conference Session:

Wellbeing at Work: Impact to Organization Performance

Dave Allman, Careots

Keynote Presentation 

Dave Allman is an entrepreneurial executive who inspires optimal performance for organizations, leaders, and individuals through promoting wellbeing, tapping into individual’s strengths and the pursuit of finding purposeful work. With a 30+ year track record of empowering some of business’ most innovative minds, he maximizes the relationship between organizations and the people who build them.

Through an exclusive partnership with Gallup, Dave has spearheaded a joint mission partnering an individual’s growth with that of their organization. He launched Wellbeing at Work Live ( to enable employers to align purpose, potential, and performance. Dave has been instrumental in Magellan Health’s reimagination of their EAP with the launch of their eMbrace platform. His education includes an EMBA from Emory University in 1990 with a thesis focused on organizational behavior and sales force effectiveness. Dave’s Top 5 Gallup Strengths are Maximizer, Learner, Futuristic, Strategic, and Achiever.

Dave and his wife Lisa live in Colorado enjoying the great outdoors, traveling, and spending time with family.

How are you really doing? And why does it matter?  Wellbeing of workers is the hottest of topics in 2022, and for good reason: employee wellbeing is a defining factor in organizational health, and therefore performance.  Applying the correlations between workforce wellbeing, resilience, engagement, and organization performance provide purposeful drivers to design, measure, and advance organizational results.


We all know the people pillar is an essential component of a well-designed organization. Whether you are using the Galbraith Star Model; The McKinsey 7 S Framework, or Digital Organization design concepts being discussed by Stu Winby, Bill Passmore, and Dean Hovey in their evolutionary and exploratory work. Or the many other models, ideas, and discussions out there. Each model includes a pillar usually labeled ‘people’. In that pillar we talk about geography; worker arrangements; people within processes; role clarity; decision authority and clarity; value and remuneration; engagement; gig workers, temp workers, FTE.

Work-life flow has replaced work-life balance and/or harmony. Today’s realities are redefining the ‘people’ pillar leading us into new conversations to contemplate and purposefully rethink design. Part of the rethinking is a deepened focus on what employees require to enrich their life beyond the customary topics of pay, incentives, and competitive benefits. Designing for wellbeing is an integrative concept. Where the relationship between people and the organizations within which they work become interdependent, so both the person(s) and the organization thrive together.

Wellbeing by design is a matter of essential importance to build organizations that are resilient, agile, thriving, growing and highly impactful to the communities within which they exist and serve.