Purpose & Org Design: Aligning Design with Your Organization’s Unique Purpose

Held on 08/09/22

Kiersten’s presentation deck

(very interactive) Chatbox Content

Putting Purpose Into Practice:  The Economics of Mutuality (Oxford Press) – in follow-up to the chat comment, a resource shared by Bernard Mohr, “This book, although not an org design book per se,  is full of practical examples of moving purpose into practice.”

By now we know that businesses that live up to a purpose beyond profit are outperforming those that are solely profit-driven. Living up to a purpose requires more than a purpose statement and good marketing, though.

ODF board member, Kiersten Rippeteau, unpacks the question, “How can organization design facilitate embedding an authentic purpose into the heart of the business?”

An interactive dialogue about:

  • The trends, needs, and challenges you’re seeing in the business world around purpose, CSR, ESG, and positive impact
  • Nine Purpose Archetypes that sit at the intersection of values and desired impact
  • Using organization design choices to align a business to its purpose
  • How current org design models support (or not) the move toward purpose- and impact-driven business


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