Design Dilemma:  Total Commitment to Design Outcomes from Day One… and then It Happened!

Held on 09/27/22

ODF community member Jim Dowling shares our second Design Dilemma – a new format we are experimenting with allowing a fellow practitioner to share an organization design challenge they have and getting perspectives from others in the call.

Re-Design the IT Organization

Situation: A top three US Insurance company contracted an IT benchmarking firm who reports that the IT Function is seriously capability deficient in three areas and financially it spends in the 95th Percentile.

Client: Prescription: Contract an OD firm, at a fixed price and specified time-frame to redesign the IT organization and its interfaces with operating units. Success to be defined as a minimum 30% Annual budget reduction with no negative impact on operating unit performance. Note: 11 months till annual budget cycle.

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