Do Managers Matter Today?  A lively debate

Held on 03/01/23

Do Managers Matter Today? (chatbox content)

This was a friendly debate co-hosted by ODF & European ODF.

Should we get rid of managers, or do they perform an important role in our organizations?

On social media, at conferences, and in books, managers are sometimes characterized as mere “costs” to be minimized or as hindrances for the autonomy and self-actualization of employees. 

(cf. Open Space Beta, Corporate Rebels, Humanocracy, etc.)

Recently, though, Klein & Foss argued in their book “Why Managers Matter” that such attempts are misguided.

Living in the polarity, Nicolay Worren and Paul  Tolchinsky each took one of the polarities and framed the arguments for and against the convention of managers.  

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