Designing Adaptive Organizations: The Coming Paradigm Shift in Org Design

Engaging Community Conversation with Chuck Snow and Phanish Puranam on the use of AI in organization design. If you are curious about the role, efficacy, and application of AI in the field of organization design, join two experts in the field.

Dr. Charles Snow introduced the soon to be released , Designing Adaptive Organizations, a collaborative book, diving a deeper into “Organizing Intelligent Digital Actors”.

Dr. Phanish Puranam shared “Eunomicon” – a Large Language Model that has been trained to offer suggestions for organization design based on the microstructural approach developed by Phanish and his colleagues. Eunomicon can act as a design co-pilot- offering suggestions, explaining its reasons and also can critique your designs.

In this session we explored:

  • The paradigm shift from orgs as nouns, to organizing as a verb
  • How continuous self-organizing can become a reality with human actors and digital actors learning from each other
  • How AI can support and augment design work
  • The use of AI, applying the Eunomicon tool

Designing Adaptive Orgs Overview (Chuck Snow’s deck)