ODF + EODF October Global OD Trends Conversation

Held on 10/25/23

This month’s newsletter articles included:

  • 3 Ways to Prepare for the Future of Work by Jennifer Howard-Grenville and Laura Empson, HBR
  • Solving the Problem of Remote Work by Mark Mortensen, INSEAD Knowledge
  • The Future of the Office Has Arrived: It’s Hybrid by Ben Wigert, Jim Harter and Sangeeta Agrawal, Gallup
  • (Blog) AI Unlocks New Power for Employees: Are HR Leaders Ready?  by Josh Bersin, MIT Sloan Management Review
  • (Blog) Rethinking Workplace Transformation: The Art of Subtraction  by Joost Minnaar, Corporate Rebels
  • Bonus article: Platforms! Why now?  by Jaap Backx et al., Boston Consulting Group

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