ODF + EODF January Global OD Trends Conversation

Held on 01/31/24

This month’s newsletter articles included:

  • Rid Your Organization of Obstacles that Infuriate Everyone by Robert Sutton and Huggy Rao, HBR
  • Eight Essential Leadership Tips for 2024 by Laurianne McLaughlin, MIT Sloan Management Review (may need to register for free for full access)
  • Not Sure Where to Start With Your AI Strategy? Here Are 3 Steps by Brian Uzzi, Kellogg Insight
  • Do You Have an “Early Days” Generative AI Strategy? by Scott Likens and Nicole Wakefield, Strategy+Business
  • What Is An Enterprise Architect (EA), and Why Does Every Company Need One, Regardless of Size or Industry? by Adolfo Rodriguez, Medium

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