ODF + EODF March Global OD Trends Conversation

Held on 03/27/24

This month’s newsletter articles included:

  • Your Organisation Isn’t Designed to Work with GenAI by Paul Baier, David DeLallo and John Sviokla, HBR
  • Business Case for Sustainability: The Stakeholder Perspective by Paul Baier, INSEAD Knowledge
  • How Dynamic Work Design Can Prevent Overload by Paul Baier, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • When People Thrive, Business Thrives: The Case for Human Sustainability by Sue Cantrell and colleagues, Deloitte Insights
  • The Emerging Concept of the Human-Centered Organization: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature by Maya Townsend and Georges Romme, Humanistic Management Journal (Academic article)

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