Designing Authentic Connections Conference Session:

Authentically Messy: Designing for Emotional Agility

Robin Anselmi & Kell Delaney

Category: Methods and Practices

Robin Anselmi CEO & President of Conversant

Robin has a love of design that began with her early career in engineering, manufacturing, and financial services. She brings her practicality and process orientation to finding collaborative solutions with clients, and loves helping individuals and organizations turn their strategies into stories that motivate and engage a workforce. She is passionate about helping leaders close the gap between where they currently are and their best intentions, and has worked extensively with clients in financial services, healthcare, and technology.

Robin is dedicated to changing the notion that communication and collaboration are ‘soft skills’. She is a strong advocate for connection (even love!) as the most powerful skill of leaders who want to see real and long-lasting business results. (You can see her talk about “Love: The Next Leadership Skill” in this 5-minute video.)

Kell Delaney Consultant & Experience Designer at Conversant

Kell holds an MA in Communication from the University of Colorado Boulder and it was in this program where he developed a fascination with the gap between what we aspire to be and who we are in our day to day. From the surprising conversations that emerge from a World Cafe to the transformative insights revealed during a complex collaboration project, it is experiences like these that reveal our “gaps” to us. With the right perspective, focusing on closing those gaps can be a playful and profound way to grow, learn, and transform our contribution.

As a Consultant & Experience Designer, Kell’s primary focus is on bringing his gifts to working with individuals, groups, teams, communities, and organizations (human beings) to build connection: through relationship, conversation, curiosity, play, and empathy. He strongly believes that everything we do happens through human connection (good or bad!) and that the opportunity to affect lives, communities, and the world is grounded in improving the quality of these connections.

Learn about the natural human defenses that get in the way of authentic connection, and how designing our conversations and our organizations for greater emotional agility not only supports social health but drives value and sustainable results.


Connecting authentically in any domain requires emotional agility. The virtual world gives us plenty of opportunities every day to disconnect or become reactive, and our cultural circumstances are fueling strong opinions and misunderstanding. In a time when our personal and social health depend on the quality of our connections, it should be an organizational imperative to design for greater emotional agility in the ways we work.  

This 90-minute session led by Conversant will focus on the natural human defenses that get in the way of authentic connection and how we can design our conversations (and our organizations) for greater emotional agility. Expect a highly interactive agenda, as everyone will be asked to participate in activities and conversations that will offer opportunities to understand your own unconscious behaviors that cause disconnection, and what you can do about it.

Conversant is a global consulting firm made up of dedicated professionals with a shared conviction: improving human connection allows any organization to get more done with less time, money, and stress. You can learn more about Conversant and their work at

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    Our conference is spread over 6 days in a two-week window. We have designed the conference to be inclusive of multple time-zones.

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