Does the Current Remote Work Environment Have a Shelf-life?

Held on 03/17/21

Join ODF community members, Susanna Hunter and Carlos Valdes-Dapena, to explore:

  • How do we design organizational structures and practices to mitigate for the challenges of working in a remote or hybrid work environment?
  • How do we leverage the positives?

When the pandemic hit, many of our organizations rushed to a work from home environment. We were amazed at the productivity employees had while managing kids, dogs and a lack of home office space. However, as many of us celebrate our first year anniversary working from home, what is the true cost to our organizations over the longer-term. Employee surveys indicate that while productivity may be high, employees are feeling fatigued and younger talent are concerned about their future development and career growth. With new variants emerging and vaccines rolling out slower than we had hoped, we do not know how long this pandemic will last. Some companies are saying that working remotely is the way of the future, others expect more of a hybrid model.

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