Designing Authentic Connections Conference Session:

High Engagement Organization Design Goes Virtual – How the U.S. Census Bureau Pivoted to Virtual Engagement During the Global Pandemic  

Dick and Emily Axelrod, Louis Saindon, Katrina Syvertsen, Marian Moriarty, Becca Lehner

Category: Design in Action

Dick and Emily Axelrod, authors, and creators of  The Conference Model®

Becca Lehner, Organization Development Lead, MITRE

Marian Moriarty, Principal, Organization Change and Development. MITRE

Louis Saindon, Lead, Transformation and Design Team, U.S. Census Bureau

Katrina Syvertsen, Sr.Advisor, Project Manager of the Transformation Effort at the U.S. Census Bureau

Learn how the U.S. Bureau pivoted from an in-person organization change effort to a virtual process that involved thousands of employees.   Explore with us in this interactive session the choices and dilemmas that occurred during this multi-year process.


During this session we will share with you our experience of taking a Large Group Intervention, The Conference Model® and customizing it to both meet the needs of the Census Bureau and convert it to a virtual experience. Topics include: choice of platforms, whom to include, how to support participants so they can work effectively in a virtual environment, etc. The goal of these discussions is not to provide “right answers” but to engage the community in discussions that broaden everyone’s knowledge about how to do High Engagement Organization Design in a virtual world. You will leave this session with ideas and tools you can use immediately.

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    Our conference is spread over 6 days in a two-week window. We have designed the conference to be inclusive of multple time-zones.

    *Please note that our agenda is still evolving and that5 timings and details may change.

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