Designing Authentic Connections Conference Session:

Power of Imagination in Designing Authentic Connections

Ellora Rath & Adi Raheja

Category: Methods and Practice

Ellora Rath has been a human resource professional and certified Organization development practitioner from Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Science. She is one of the founders of Alive in Connection – an OD consulting firm. She is a trained facilitator with behavioral science interest and loves to blend different tools in her work to support the growth and development requirement of the clients. A D&I enthusiast, she is keenly interested in Jungian school of thought. She is an artist at heart, passionate follower of music, a book lover and indulges in creative work. She is motivated by life-long learning and driven by arts and a purposeful life. You can reach her at [email protected]

Adi Raheja has been supporting organizations in various roles as a trainer, facilitator, experiential educator, coach and consultant. He is a certified Organization development practitioner form Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Sciences. He is one of the founders of Alive in Connection – an OD consulting firm. He is a Jungian enthusiast and experiments in bringing the Jungian perspective to the practice of OD. He is passionate about working with people, his true happiness comes from helping and contributing to someone’s growth and development in life. He loves to trek, travel, read and write. You can reach him at [email protected]

Imagination is like the fertile ground which is hardly watered yet bears the seeds when accidentally nurtured for the fruits of connection

Join us to explore how imagination can be a bridge to authentic connection through the medium of Arts. How can organization design transition from a standardized  to a ‘playful and spontaneous’ approach inducing flexibility and a greater sense of inclusion?


The language of Imagination is universal and does not discriminate, judge and challenge. It is a safe space to express, explore and experience authenticity and genuine connections.

Through this session, we wish to explore ‘Art’ as a medium:

  • to realize that imagination is naturally embedded in humans
  • to connect with the idea of ‘play’ and ‘spontaneity’ crucial to unleashing the creative potential and building connections
  • to design organizations that can hold the collective Imagination of people to be able to connect, dream and collaborate for a better future in the physical as well as the virtual world
  • to transition from a standardized design and process world to a more flexible, fluid, possibility oriented, inclusive and humane world

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Our conference is spread over 6 days in a two-week window. We have designed the conference to be inclusive of multple time-zones.

*Please note that our agenda is still evolving and that5 timings and details may change.

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