Ackoff, R. L. (1999), Re-Creating the Corporation: A Design of Organizations for the 21st Century. New York: Oxford University Press


Table of Contents: Background, The Nature of Systems – Types of Systems and Models – Types of Management – Process: Planning, Design, Implementation, and Learning, Formulating the Mess: Sensing and Making Sense of the Situation – Ends Planning: Where to Go – Means Planning: How to Get There – Resource Planning: What’s Needed to Get There – Implementation and Control: Doing It and Learning – Designs: Democracy, Economy, and Flexibility, A Democratic Hierarchy: The Circular Organization – The Internal Market Economy – The Permanently Structured Multidimensional Organization – Change: Reformations and Transformations, Panaceas, Fads, and Quick Fixes – Organizational Development and Transformational Leadership.

Description: Author lay out in clear concise prose five essential organizational goals: plan effectively, learn and adapt rapidly, democratize, introduce internal market economies, and employ a flexible structure that will minimize the need for future restructuring.


Author: Ackoff, R. L.

Year: 1999

Publisher: Oxford University Press

  • Recommended Experience: Advanced 75% 75%

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