Mohrman, S. Cohen, S. G., Mohrman Jr., A. (1995), Designing Team-Based Organizations: New Forms for Knowledge Work. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass


Table of Contents: Organizations and Teams – Designing Organizations for Knowledge Work – Exploring the Contours of a Team-based Organization – The Design Sequence – Identifying Work Teams – Specifying Integration Needs – Clarifying Management Structure and Roles – Designing Integration Processes – Managing Performance – Implementation Concerns – Identifying New Responsibilities and Skills – Defining Empowerment for the Team Environment – Developing Organizational Support Systems – Making the Transition – Facing the Challenges Ahead

Description: This book breaks new ground in tackling organizational design issues related to the implementation of teams, with a specific focus on the new designs required to support the knowledge-work components of an organization.


Author: Mohrman, S. Cohen, S. G., Mohrman Jr., A.

Year: 1995

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

  • Recommended Experience: Advanced 75% 75%

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