Designing Authentic Connections Conference Session:

Re-Design the Bottom Line: Will It Be Win-Lose or Synergy? 

Bruce Mabee

Category: Role of the Designer

Bruce Mabee has a problem. After 30 years as external OD consultant and ten years as internal OD consultant, serving over 135 client organizations—he has not found a satisfactory way to measure the outcomes! 

Hundreds of projects of strategic planning, design, and change achieved measured results, ratings and/or cheers—and sometimes complaints. But many deeper, indirect and sustained outcomes were never measured!

So, Bruce is doing a session here with others of us who care enough to go beyond.

His Fortune 100 clients have included Walgreens, Motorola and Conoco-Phillips. Creative non-profits include Family Shelter Services and Working Bikes, and he’s served governmental units from the US and Scotland. Bruce has taught leadership, strategy and power in nine graduate schools, including Benedictine, Lake Forest and the University of Chicago.

He holds a BFA in Industrial Design and an MS in OD. He has also served for 15 years as evaluator for ADT’s Excellence in Practice and BEST Awards, and he co-created the Impact Awards of the OD Network of Chicago.

Bruce’s upcoming book on “Impact” highlights emerging forms of collaborative leadership, including the challenges of measuring what matters.

“Tell me that you want the kind of things that money just can’t buy.”

Have the Pandemic and Black Lives Matter truly shifted our priorities, not just our offices? If so, the rich getting richer and Win-Lose marketing may not be the ultimate business goals. The goal of politics may not be to win elections at all costs. 

So, can you and I now create a better bottom line? 


If the door is open now to things that would never change before, then maybe as catalysts, we can expand the bottom line to create a genuine synergy among very different and distant people. If we don’t do it now, will much of the old soon lock back into place? 

One key element is what we measure. Can a new scorecard2 drive a new outcome, just like money has been driving so much good and the bad? Can new measurements foster highly effective people and systems—with greater leverage than traditional Balanced Scorecard or People-Planet-Profit charts? 

There are other big shifts in the Design world, like sense & respond, decentralized platforms, and big data algorithms. We may also be on the verge of a revolution in “The Why?”… Measuring what matters. 

    Session Objectives:

    1. A Scorecard or two that serves you. What’s matters to measure about your client’s situation?
    2. Trust among you and a few “Huddlers.” A supportive, insightful, creative group of allies.
    3. A Huddle design you can adapt and use. Live practice to expand your virtual repertoire.

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