Organizing with Purpose Conference Session:

The Participation Principle

Molly Breazeale

Peer Workshop


For more than thirty years, Molly has harnessed a laser focus on leaders and their ability to connect the frontline with the bottom line. As a coach, sought-after speaker, trainer of trainers, and leadership conference designer, Molly’s success has depended on the leader’s application and usage of communication tools and concepts.

She has designed and led listening tours for executives, hosted leadership, strategy, and advisory councils, written global leadership programs, and hosted numerous conferences for organizations, including:

– President of AlignED, Inc.
– AVP, Enterprise Learning and Development at Nationwide Insurance
– AVP, Organization Effectiveness at Nationwide Insurance
– Program Director for The Change and Transformation Conference at The Conference Board

Staying true to our theme, Organizing with Purpose, this highly interactive session centers around the pivotal question, “How can designers contribute to leader’s efforts to align purpose, impact, and organizational performance?”


Leadership in the future, at all levels, will focus on the employee experience in three critical areas: Purpose, Participation, and Progress toward meaningful goals. What does that mean for members of the organization design community? How do we remain relevant and differentiated as the lines blur with other disciplines?

How people talk to each other and what they talk about determines how well the organization will function. In times of high disruption, leaders need to encourage employee dialogue and participation at an organizational, team, and individual level. The leader’s success is our success.

Let’s come together as a community to share experiences, compare notes, and challenge our assumptions about the future through four CORE experiences that connect and direct human effort in these areas, creating an engaging, motivating workplace.

    • Context (Organizational Experience)
    • Outcomes (Team Experience)
    • Role (Personal Experience)
    • Environment (Emotional/Physical Experience)

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