Let’s bust ’em – Org Design & Business Agility Myths

Held on 01/11/22


Session #2 January 2022:  Mythbusting. . .

  • Collect and decide on the top myths
  • Team up for myth-busting! (or myth confirming)
  • Share back to the group


  • Org Design is a key element for Business Agility.  
  • Business Agility is a key element in Org Design.
  • Both communities have skills and knowledge that can serve the other.

WHO? A community forming at the intersection of these two disciplines, sponsored by ODF and BAI.

WHAT?  A series of 1-hour sessions to launch the Org Design Agility community, with the goal of finding synergies.

We used the collaborative workspace, Howspace, to engage behind the scenes.  Please visit https://odf-bai.in.howspace.com/welcome to see the chats and other shared resources.  You will have to enter your email and will then receive an email to access.