Journey to a Combined Community – Tools & Techniques

Held on 03/09/22


Community Building Events:

  • #1 December: Sharing Knowledge
  • #2 January: Mythbusters
  • #3 February: Common Business Challenges
  • #4 March: Tools and Techniques
  • April 11: ODF Conference – Biz Agility Pre-Conference Workshop

The Organizational Agility Community Continues… This month we’ll share tools! What kinds of tools? Anything from thinking tools/models to apps to frameworks!

We’ve asked for:

  • a tool you love and can share in a 5 min timebox
  • a tool you would like to know more about.
  • A tool you are seeking

If you have something you would like to offer up as a tool or technique for the discussion, please our shared workspace to provide your thoughts.

Let’s swap and share across the community!

We used the collaborative workspace, Howspace, to engage behind the scenes.  Please visit to see the chats and other shared resources.  You will have to enter your email and will then receive an email to access.

ODF_BAI – Tools & Techniques Zoom chat

If you prefer to listen to the audio only version