Optimizing Human Potential for Organiational Growth

Held on 06/16/22

Dave’s highlight slides – Wellbeing at Work

Human Potential for Org Growth (.txt file)

If you’d like to continue the conversation with Dave you can reach him at [email protected] or Wellbeing at Work

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Senior leaders now fully recognize the essentials for sustainable organizational growth have dramatically changed over the past 24 months. Essential investments with a proven ROI in individuals to reach their full optimal performance (thriving life, resilient mind, engaging work) is the most pressing decision before them.

We held a lively “unplugged” dialogue with Dave Allman from Gallup Wellbeing at Work (W@W) and Sharon Butler from Magellan Health.

This is a follow up to of one of our 2022 Conference sessions, Wellbeing at Work:  Impact to Organization Performance.

Dave shares the latest point of view (POV) on best practices to enable leaders to rethink how they are approaching organizational design & development (OD&D).

Sharon highlighted how she is bringing these best practices to life as Magellan Health is going through active M&A.

Dave is an entrepreneurial executive who inspires optimal performance for organizations, leaders, and individuals through promoting wellbeing, tapping into individual’s strengths and the pursuit of finding purposeful work. With a 30+ year track record of empowering some of business’ most innovative minds, he maximizes the relationship between organizations and the people who build them.

Through an exclusive partnership with Gallup, Dave has spearheaded a joint mission partnering an individual’s growth with that of their organization. He launched Wellbeing at Work Live (www.wbatwork.com) to enable employers to align purpose, potential, and performance. Dave has been instrumental in Magellan Health’s reimagination of their EAP with the launch of their eMbrace platform. His education includes an EMBA from Emory University in 1990 with a thesis focused on organizational behavior and sales force effectiveness. Dave’s Top 5 Gallup Strengths are Maximizer, Learner, Futuristic, Strategic, and Achiever.