ODF & BAI – Journey to a Combined Community (Dec 7)

Organizational Design Agility:
Journey to a Combined Community
December 7th
| 6-7 PM (EST)
December 8th | 9:30-10:30 AM (ACDT)

Like peanut butter and chocolate,
Org Design and Business Agility are great alone. . . 
but when they come together, WOW! 


  • Org Design is a key element for Business Agility.  
  • Business Agility is a key element in Org Design.
  • Both communities have skills and knowledge that can serve the other.

WHO? A community forming at the intersection of these two disciplines, sponsored by ODF and BAI.

WHAT?  A series of 1-hour sessions to launch the Org Design Agility community, with the goal of finding synergies.

Session #1 DECEMBER 2021:  Share Knowledge. . .

  • Org Design in a nutshell  
  • Business Agility in a nutshell 
  • Breakout Discussion
  • Q&A

Upcoming Events: (subject to change based on community feedback)

  • #2 January:  Mythbusters
  • #3 February:  Common Business Challenges 
  • #4 March:  Tools and Techniques
  • March:  BAI Conference & ODF Pre-Conference Workshop
  • April:  ODF Conference & BAI Pre-Conference Workshop

Join us, get engaged, and help shape this important community!

Event Information

}  December 07, 2021
  Tuesday, 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm
n  ODF Event
  [email protected]

Event Organizer

   ODF + Business Agility Institute
  [email protected]

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